Heart Transplant Survivor Thought He Had A Cold

It began with the flu, but what he really needed was a new heart.

Edier Jimenez, a resident of Goicoechea, went to the Calderon Guardia Hospital in San Jose thinking that his symptoms were of a cold.

Doctors diagnosed a severe cardiomyopathy. It means that his heart was not working as it should. Therefore, the only solution was a transplant.

He waited four months until he received a call from the doctors who told him that there was a heart for him. It was January 31, 2011.

He acknowledged that he felt happiness mixed with nerves and fear for the operation.

Family, friends and teachers accompanied him that day that marked a before and after in his life.

Before the operation, Edier always was tired, making the minimum effort throughout the day.

The donor heart, John Mauricio Castro, was assassinated on January 30, when he was practicing cycling in Linda a neighborhood of Cartago. He died of a shot in the head, when criminals stole his bike and his friend’s too (Now, these criminals are in prison).

“I met with Mauricio’s family and they told me, they were very happy.” Edier said.

“I am very grateful for this family, and the hospital’s medical service, because thanks to them I have this heart.” said the transplant recipient.

Jimenez, visits twice a week to Cenare for exercise and aerobics to train his new heart.

Until January next year he will have to attend these appointments in the National Rehabilitation Center (Cenare). There, doctors will test if the youth is prepared for a normal rhythm of life.

Jimenez likes to play soccer, but now he recognizes that he can not practice it. Doctors advise Jimenez go slowly and not make great efforts and have a healthy diet.

This young this year expects to graduate in the College of Purral de Goicoechea. He likes cooking, so probably he is going to be a chef.

In fact, when he has money, his intention is to go back to cooking classes, which he attended before surgery. And he says he would donate his organs to give life to other people.

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