Handicap Man in Perez Zeledon Fights For Sidewalk

A man of Perez Zeledon suffering a muscle disease requires the minimum conditions to move with dignity in his wheelchair.

When doctors found that Jonathan Mendez suffered Wernig Hoffman syndrome they gave him 1 to 3 years.

Nobody imagined that this neighbor of Boston in Perez Zeledon became a psychologist and in the eyes of science, a true miracle of 31.

Degenerative disease atrophy your muscles is responsible for making you use a wheelchair, but is not the fault that movement is a complete nightmare.

For over 7 years Jonathan manages the residents of this town and helped build the sidewalk and the municipality fix the street.

In 2010 he presented an appeal and the high court ruled in his favor.The ruling set a deadline of two months to neighbors to build sidewalks and once ready the municipality would have to pave the street.

Your chair is “all terrain”, but obviously there is no device that can support these kinds of conditions.

Mobilization in the streets with no sidewalk is something that is not only uncomfortable, but is very expensive.

TV news visited the Municipality of Perez Zeledon to know why no one has complied with the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

Mayor Vera Corrales told our correspondent Randall Chaves they’d already notified the neighbors that they must build their part of the sidewalk.

But apparently there is no interest for no one came to a meeting arranged by the municipality.

For this reason the municipality assesses building the sidewalk and pass the cost to residents.

Jonathan has waged a 31-year battle against adversity, hopefully their struggle for a sidewalk wont take much longer now that they depend on the municipality.

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