Guanacaste Looks Beyond Tourism For Revenue

La Cruz (Guanacaste). From a hill in the heart of Canton, we can see in the distance the daily meeting, harmonious and undisturbed, between the sea and the virgin beaches of Salinas Bay.

It was Bolaños Island, located in the middle of the bay a brown pelican sanctuary.

From that viewpoint and without effort, the locals can observe a magnificent figure of the Nicaraguan mountains.

This is just one of the beautiful sceneries of a district which is spending loads of money in the tourism sector which moves to other areas in the absence of investment in housing and roads.

According to the Immigration Department to Guanacaste, the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia received 656,971 tourists in 2011.

Montino is an Italian Sergio who is in love with the area. He and a group of investors opened the Bolaños Bay hotel in 1997.

At that time the hotel and Eco Development were the only resorts in a region where there were no lights or running water.

It has been 15 years and Montino is now the sole owner of the property with 72 rooms, which can only be accessed with ATV because the more of a trail than a road. There is also eco-development going on here.

Montino recognizes the enormous challenges to achieve a greater influx of tourists, but he was optimistic about the arrival of a new neighbor: the Santa Elena Preserve project, located in El Jobo a fishing village located 14 km from La Cruz.

This is a complex that will include a hotel valued at $ 120 million and would generate 1,000 permanent jobs, said general manager Carlos Hernandez.

Among the works that investors in this project have done so far, include the aqueduct of $3.5 million which was delivered yesterday at Aqueduct and Sewer for administration. An estimated 9,000 people will benefit.

The firm also invests in training local people in English and business management, to attend to tourists who will visit the place.

That hope is pounding in the heart of Saturnino Lara, a resident of 79 years who dreams of a more a prosperous county.

Luis Alonso Alan, Deputy Mayor, believes that prosperity must come with environmentally responsible tourism and the community.

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