Guanacaste Development Shutdown While Under Review by Sala IV

The judges of the Constitutional Court stopped the advance of a luxury housing project being built on the border township of Santa Cruz and Carrillo, Guanacaste, while investigating apparent irregularities in cutting trees and digging wells.

The Sala IV is reviewing an appeal filed by Luis Carlos Sanchez and Robert Faris against Las Catalinas Holding Properties Limited that aims to develop “2,500 luxury villas in an area of 469 hectares”.

The appellants alleged that the group of businessmen from the work developed using well water, but without an approved grant.

“The project is located in an area where there is no today an operator legally established for the provision of drinking water through an aqueduct, so that you can not issue a letter of availability” says a letter given in evidence and signed on May 12 last by Guillermo Arce, the Water and Sewerage company.

In addition, he reported that the approval for cutting wood trees of high value, although not authorized the change in land use.

On the evidence, stated that the trees cut is cocobolo, black wood, laurel and yellow cortez.

Thus, the magistrates ordered “immediately suspend the construction of the Las Catalinas development project, being carried out in Santa Cruz and Carrillo Guanacaste.

Michael Garcia, responsible for the management of environmental issues and community project, said yesterday that he had not been notified of the decision of the judges and therefore could not refer to the case.

Meanwhile, Luis Carlos Sanchez, one of the appellants, yesterday pleaded satisfied by the decision of the Constitutional Court.