Government Seeks to Obtain ¢5,000 Million From Taxes Casinos


The government wants to collect ¢ 5,000 million from the tax on casinos and sportsbooks that was approved yesterday in the first debate in Congress.

The bill received the approval unanimously by the members.

The money from this new tax will be divided between two ministries: 60% will receive the portfolio of Public Safety and the remaining 40% will be invested by the Justice.

Fabio Molina, head of the ruling fraction confirmed the estimated amount to be recovered and explained that the economic division was derived from a motion filed by Deputy Alicia Fournier.

For the justice minister, Fernando Ferraro, the money from this tax will help in prison infrastructure.

“These taxes will allow us to plan investment in infrastructure and, together with other measures, will allow us to keep under control the overpopulation crisis we have in prison,” he explained, Ferraro.

The project is discussed in the record 17,551, and raises a tax equivalent to 10% on net profits rise to the casinos.

It also provides for a tax equal to 60% of basic salary of the category of auxiliary 1 of the Judiciary; This means a salary of ¢ 360,000, for each table. On the other hand, establishes a fee of 10% of that salary range for slot machine.

And call centers for bets (sportsbooks), the plan provides a tax variable, which depends on the number of employees in each company.

The Costa Rican Association of Casinos was concerned that even with this approval there is no modern legislation for the union.

“Unfortunately, this is not a modern law, is simply to put taxes, said Jorge Hidalgo, president of the Casino Association.

Moreover, Hidalgo explained that the union of casinos must cancel about $ 460 per table and $ 75 for each slot machine; this month.

“This will lead to businessmen to take measures, including firing of personnel, and creating unfair competition,” he added.

This bill awaits ratification in the second debate.

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