Government Proposes The Removal Of Deputies Through A Referendum

referendum deputies

The citizens could remove a deputy through voting, just like you can remove anything, through your own will.

The president of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, will announce today the measurements the government will propose to the Congress to give live to 45 out of the 97 proposals that were presented to them last January 17th, improving the governability of the country.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Presidency Minister, explained that one of the proposals that will be sent as a law project to “cuesta de Moras” pretends that the citizens are the ones, that through a referendum, could remove from the congress the selected deputies.

The plan will include some constitutional reformations, plus two other projects: Reformation of the Asamblea’s Regulation and one initiative to change the laws bound to the Public Administration, to improve the efficiency of the State.
The original proposal from the group of experts aimed to the possibility that the Executive Power could request for Legislative elections between the second and third year of congress management, only if these ones don’t fulfill their duties accordingly.

Benavides affirmed that the proposal from the Executive will allow the citizens to remove the deputies, “Just like today the mandate of a mayor can be terminated”.

This type of change has a background, in December 2011, the citizens of Pérez Zeledón, removed, the then mayor Luis Mendieta from his charge, husband of the current deputy from Liberación Nacional (PLN) Xinia Espinoza.

Benavides stated that this is just one of the 45 proposals that the Executive Power decided to send to the congress as a law project.

“Obviously this is linked to other measurements that will raise the control of the deputies over the Executive Power”. He affirmed.

The Minister of Communicatoins, Francisco Chacón, pointed yesterday that the proposal to raise the number of deputies in charge from 57 to 87 was discarded.

“We believe it’s risky and inadequate to think of raising the number of deputies without even reforming substantially the workings of the Asamblea Legislativa, so this is a subject we won’t encourage”, said Chacón in the radio program “Nuestra Voz”, from Radio Monumental.

Francisco Antonio Pacheco, the voice of the group of experts, said that sending the projects would imply an extraordinary beginning.

“The truth is that there are moments in which you feel a bit skeptic regarding if someone will actually follow such things.”

Joining Pacheco, the group was formed by an ex-deputy Constantino Urcuyo, the constitutionalist Manrique Jiménez, the ex-president of the CCSS Rodolfo Piza Rocafort, and the layer Fabián Volio. Their ideas presented a substantial change in the relationships between the Congress and the Executive Power.

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