Government estimates ¢22,000 million in damages from the earthquake

The 7.6 magnitude of the earthquake in Nicoya ended up costing the country ¢ 22,360 million.

The Government announced yesterday the initial estimate of the damage caused by the earthquake. The figure was published by the president, Laura Chinchilla, leaving the Governing Council.

The money would be used mainly to repair public infrastructure such as roads, schools and health facilities in ten locations in Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Alajuela.

To ensure greater availability of resources, and greater fluidity in the process of repairing the damage, the President of the Republic announced the next issue an emergency decree that will sign next Monday.

“It is an excitatory public institutions to renew their contributions to the National Emergency Fund to refinance,” said Chinchilla.

In the health field, according to the president, would consume about half of the resources, mostly in the rehabilitation of Monsignor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas.

The number also includes a basic estimate of damage in a 1990 houses, in which the effects of the earthquake are mostly partial.

In her report, the president also left open the possibility of using part of a grant from the Government of China for $ 8 million in the construction of modular classrooms and first-aid medical equipment.

The president said she was impressed by the amount of energy released during the earthquake of September 5.

“Released energy equivalent to 190 atomic bombs. This impressed me very much. We’re talking about atomic bombs, Hiroshima type. I still insist that we must give thanks to God, and also to nature, which was very generous, “said Chinchilla.

The Minister of the Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, said the promulgation of the decree will not only allow the extraordinary contribution of resources to state institutions Emergency Fund, also to act more promptly.

According to Benavides, the decree also authorizes a number of state agencies to work with their own resources, but with procurement procedures more agile.

The minister explained that what emergency is declared as the seismic event in the ten places that were most affected in three provinces.