Government Downplays Not Publishing 53 Portions of the Fiscal Plan

The executive branch is not afraid of the 53 motions of the fiscal plan that were not published for the information of citizens in the La Gaceta.

The Constitutional Court sent the order Monday night, where they asked the Congress and President in twelve hours to clarify if those proposals were published.

On Monday night, Juan Carlos Mendoza said that none of those motions were submitted for publication.

The government minimized the omission and said that no changes to the reform is substantial.

But for others, communication of the room is a notice for MPs on the final outcome that would reform the judiciary.

For this reason, the government is pressing the accelerator with other tax reform projects.

The Minister of the Presidency announced that they will be asked to apply the accelerated procedure to two initiatives that are in the current legislature. They are the fiscal transparency and strengthening tax administration.

They expect to be voted in three weeks under the same procedure adopted in first reading the fiscal plan.

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