Government Again Supports Speed Cameras

costa rica traffic camera

The proposed surveillance cameras on roads will revive with the approval of the new traffic law.

The Road Safety Council (COSEVI) will analyze the issue in executive session next Tuesday.

The issue is of interest to the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, who, in fact in the closure of the Road Safety Week asked about the viability of COSEVI chief, Silvia Bolaños.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) paralyzed the system in November 2011, after the Constitutional Court suspended the collection of traffic fines enforced with cameras, but only in the case of those who appealed their sentences. At the time, the fine of ¢ 468,000 was considered disproportionate.

Francisco Chacon, Minister of Communication, confirmed the intention to operate the electronic eyes on the roads. But we must wait for the new law is approved in second reading in the Sala IV.

“We believe it is a good method of monitoring that provides safety on the roads. With the approval in the first debate in the Assembly opens a way to assess this project, “said Chacon.

New locations, the manner of reporting and monitoring all routes with a high incidence of accidents, are the main changes that will discuss the COSEVI.

“What we want is to change the concept of the project, one of the intentions is to completely monitor the routes with the highest incidence in accidents, for example, Route 32 (San José-Limón).

He added that this approval of the traffic law, the picture is clearer.

The way to notify drivers that make mistakes will be different. In the previous model, the way the drivers found out was through a publication in a national newspaper, and now will be by email.

The Traffic Police welcomes the intention of resuming the system. “In the months that was implemented, the numbers regarding illegal racing and accidents down. This indicates its importance in prevention and safety, not so much economically, “said Diego Herrera, director of the Transit Police.

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