Golfito promises deals, but it reserves prices

Most of the 34 local Golfito Free Trade Warehouses promises “special offers” all weekend, as part of their “black Friday”, but businesses remain secretive about prices.

The event will be held for the first time in that place, and seeks to combat low sales in November and have “two Decembers,” said Ignacio Carrillo, executive director of Judesur, which administers the Deposit.

He added that they expect a large number of people, which could reach the goal of 30,000 visitors in Novembercompared to 23,600 last year.

Sergio Fernandez, executive director of the Deposit Dealers Association (Acodelgo) justified the secrecy on prices and therefore within the site is strong competition.

However, there will be special offers assured that 80% of local pledged in writing to that effect.

That commitment was transferred to the Regional Development Board of the Southern Zone (Judesur) as the site administrator.

The Deposit expects to receive, between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 5,000 and 6,000 customers, Carrillo explained, Edgardo Sanchez, general manager of the Four Branches of Samsung on the site, and Cristian Vargas, CEO of Grupo Monge six.

The normal daily influx of between 850 and 1,100 visitors.

According to some of the companies that made trips to the site, there is enough enthusiasm and have already sold special trips, apart from normal services. The idea is to get the gift card for $ 1,000 on Thursday, see the offers, then buy on Friday.

Adelita Castillo, owner of Trips Anita, said a bus will be out this Wednesday night, two on Thursday and two on Friday. This company sells the package with lodging, has 22 years of going to the Deposit of Golfito and recognizes that historically low inflows in November.