Get NAKED in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica nude beach

For some travelers, a vacation to Costa Rica might mean something a tad “different” than the average holiday.

Nudist beaches are becoming increasingly popular and Costa Rica has it’s share.

However, one in particular, Playa Playitas of Manuel Antonio – was recently ranked on of the Top10 Sexiest Nude Beaches in the World.

Jane Reynolds of, had this to say about the nude beach,”Playitas is a gorgeous, untouched beach in super-lush Costa Rica. When we visited, we even spotted monkeys prancing across the sand.

The beach is often referred to as Playa de Playos which means Beach of Gays. This is because it has become quite popular with the gay/lesbian community which is immensely popular in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio areas.

There are a few other options if you’re looking to “get down without tan lines” – a few to consider are:

Costa Rica nude beachHotel Villa Roca

Hotel Villa Roca is run by gays and caters to the gay community. It can be found within the city of Quepos perched above the Pacific Ocean with a grand view backdrop of the rain forest. Although this is not a designated nude resort, clothing is optional after 10pm.

Club Mi Amor

Club Mi Amor is a nudist resort, and the only of it’s kind found in Costa Rica. Located between San Jose, the capital city, and the coast, about 40 miles from Juan Santa Maria Airport, it is easy to locate and convenient for tourists and travelers. The facilities offer luxury rooms for the more expensive taste, to a more modest and affordable room for anyone looking for the experience without the high cost.

Despite many of Costa Rica’s southern zone beaches being private and virtually unpopulated, should you decide to “get naked” it might be advisable to be aware of the local customs in the area and use your best judgement on any other tourists or locals that might be enjoying the beach also and who may take offense to your “nakedness”.

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