Genetically Created Mosquitos to Fight Dengue


International experts are visiting Costa Rica for the government to launch an alert for a measure that is used in Malaysia and Brazil to combat dengue fever that has no scientific evidence of its implications for society and this measure is being considered for use at home.

It is a genetically altered mosquito. It is released with the intention of mating with females of Aedes aegypti, killing the larvae but is unknown what impact this will have on humans.

When creating this insect the generated males mate with regular females but only males are released in a controlled environment, however, it is the female who carries a double dose of gene murderer and there is no certainty of that only males are released in the cultures.

Camilo Rodriguez, is an expert in biodiversity and TWN consulting firm,commented that the government of Panama and Costa Rica are considering adopting the measure however it still has not been scientifically shown to decrease infections in the population in countries where it is implemented.

The Member of the PAC, Carmen Granados is part of the agricultural committee and ensures that it throws an alert to health ministry denies permission to the British company Oxitec.

Dengue is a disease that is present in our country since 1993 and last year alone, the CCSS reported 46 000 infections, becoming one of the diseases that most haunt the Ministry of Health.

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