General Strike For Public Workers Imminent?

Hundreds of government employees took to the streets of San Jose, to demand a higher wage increase. Employees expect to have a meeting on Thursday with President Laura Chinchilla.

If the President does not accept, employees convene a service strike indefinitely.

The strike of the unions brought together hundreds of public employees, who took the main streets of San José yesterday morning.

Unions want to talk about the salary increase of 5 000 colones to the government decree. They want to ask the Government to please respect the workers because the government took the decision to raise only a simple five thousand colones. This means that we will earn a measly 196 colones per day more than before the raise.

“With this raise, we did not even get enough to buy a notebook.” said Rodriguez Gilberth the SEC.

Meanwhile Ovares Alexander reflected back when the government disrespected the Commission on Salaries in the public sector when they broke an agreement in 2007.

The manifestation came to the Presidential House, where they met with the Minister of the Presidency, Francisco Marin.

The unions presented their claims with the principal being to reconsider the salary increase but at the same time President Laura Chinchilla was considering unjustified statements involving the protests in the streets.

“We will negotiate on a table and not on the streets,” said Chinchilla.

But unions could not speak with the President and for this reason they threatened and decided to make another general strike if they do not get any news by today at 3:00 pm.

The protest on Wednesday moved to most public employees. But according to the Social Security Fund (CCSS), was minimal involvement in hospitals.

In schools and colleges, according to preliminary data from the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), many teachers participated in the protest.

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