General Cañas Will Be Closed While Forcing Drivers To Pay Tolls

Until the end of December drivers will have to find alternate routes if passing from 10. m. to 5. m. by the General Cañas.

Currently there are only three alternative routes that have high costs to to transit them, for the expense of gas, as deflections generate much more travel.

Traffic police recommend use Route 27 to Caldera. In case that the conductors want to drive this way will feel an increase in the cost of the toll. In the General Cañas paid about ¢ 100 while to get to Alajuela on Route 27 will have to pay ¢ 1560.

“Route 27 is a very good choice. At this time the traffic will be very clear. The problem is that if drivers feel more spending, but is one of the alternatives, there are other “commented Diego Herrera, Director of Traffic.

The other road the traffic recommend is the entrance to Rio Segundo. This passage of vehicles has spent nearly two years of repairs, but is not yet finished. In this area there is not even asphalt. Here is a similar problem as the General Cañas, a creek passes under the road.

For the mechanical Diego Arguedas, this could contribute to the vehicles for damage.

“A car transits in an area that does not have asphalt can be affected, especially the cars because they are much lower.

The option, which is less cost is passed to Santa Ana, here would use the Lindora exit to reach Belen.

Jose Luis Salas, Executive Director of the Conavi, said that the end of this week will have a plan to fix the hole on Route 1.

At this moment, we are working on cleaning up the creek, also are put bags to prevent water passing under the road.

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