Gas Transport Trucks Planning Strike

Only the gas station, La Favorita, located in Pavas sold in the last hours more than 1,000 gallons of average sale fuel.

Apparently this Tuesday there will be a lack of the product due to a strike scheduled to be held by about 430 truck drivers around the country.

The reason for the strike, is the objection of the Ministry of Environment to extend the period to renew permits transport of fuel.

About 700 tanks have pending status to renew this permit. In March, the Ministry of Environment has extended the deadline until July, but the transporters are asking for more time.

“It is not enough because many tank owners must personally perform the import of parts to fix the units” reiterated Reynaldo Quirós, president of the Association of Transport.

Environment Minister Rene Castro says no excuses “about five companies that distribute these parts are ready, including the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.”

There are many petrol stations have their own transportation for fuel but it is estimated about 450 would be affected.

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