Gas Prices Set To Lower Next Month

costa rica gas prices

The Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) prepares a ¢47 decrease in the price of gasoline Plus next month.

The price of that fuel will go from ¢735 to ¢688. Meanwhile super will see a price drop from ¢746 to ¢700.

Another product that will decrease will be diesel, but only ¢15 per liter. Today the price is ¢667 and the reduction would pass to ¢652.

The reduction is produced by reducing prices in the international market.

This will be the first reduction in oil prices so far this year.

This is good news for consumers, but then again we will see an increase of 39¢ in petrol super, ¢27 in the plus and a reduction of 8¢ per liter on diesel again here shortly.

Throughout the US as they continue to see gas prices go through the roof…people are looking for answers as to when they might see prices settle or even decline like they are in Costa Rica. (US Citizen? Click here)

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