Gas Prices In Costa Rica Will Reached Highest On Record


According to data provided by the press office of the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP), the fuel price will increase this month.

The ARESEP informed to the press that the increases will be made before the end of April with a 22¢ increase in gasoline and diesel and super, while the increase to plus will be ¢29 more.

The final amount one would have to pay per liter would be ¢746 for super , ¢735 per liter of diesel and plus would be priced at ¢667.

According to the regulatory authority, increasing the cost of petroleum products in Costa Rica is due to soaring oil in the international market. This new increase will be published in the publication the Gazette. it would be before the end of this month.

With this increase in fuel prices the oil reached the highest price in history in the country.

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