Fuel Prices to Drop Next Week

Drivers will have a break in costs because the gasoline prices will go down starting next week.

The Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) issued a 20¢ reduction in premium gasoline and 16¢ in the plus.

Thus, a liter of super pass from ¢743 to ¢723 and plus as of today is valued at ¢697 will be lowered to ¢681.

Thus drivers who are using gasoline plus higher fuel consumption in the country, will save time ¢720 to fill a 45 liter tank.

For this concept, today someone who paid ¢31,365 to fill up – with the price reduction will only pay ¢ 30,645.

Others who will be relieved are the homes and businesses that use liquified petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking or heating boilers.

The price of this fuel will have a reduction of 10¢ per liter and go from ¢ 302 to ¢ 292.