Fuel Prices Make Cost of Living Higher in Costa Rica

The price of fuel, bus tickets and urban train fare – all these rises came at the same time and definitely raise the cost of living for Costa Ricans. Let’s see a case by case.

Let’s start with the fuel, this Friday it reached it’s highest historical level.

A liter of Super rose 22¢, and now costs ¢746 while the Plus increased ¢29 and is now worth ¢735 colones. Then diesel rose to ¢667 colones after the new setting of ¢22 colones. And in the month of May we will have another increase, but financial advisers believe that the worst is over.

In the case of the buses – this Friday 592 routes throughout the country increased by 11.20 percent on average. For example, a route that cost ¢120 colones now its price is about ¢140 colones.

Finally, we have the case of the train. The Incofer requested an increase of 14 percent on all routes. The rise would be between 30 and 60 colones for the route from Pavas to Curridabat.

In the case of Heredia-San Jose train will rise between ¢70 and ¢165 colones.

These are some increases that are approved for the moment. However, the increases do not end with gasoline, the train and buses. May will bring increases in energy, water and transport.

ARESEP has already scheduled eight more rises over 2012.

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