Friday Is Higher Fuel Price Day…AGAIN!

costa rica gas prices

This Friday they will regulate the increase in fuel prices and rising national bus fares approved by the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP), its publication was in the Official Gazette.

Additionally, Maria Angelica Carvajal, ARESEP spokeswoman, said it another that comes into force is the 4.7 percent increase in electrical services for subscribers of National Power and Light in San Jose, for the May billing.

With the increase in fuel prices they will reach a record figure here in Costa Rica. The liter of regular gasoline goes up 29 to ¢735 colones and the super goes up 22¢ at 746¢, as does the diesel, rising 22 to 667 colones.

While the 11.20% increase in bus fares covers 3.557 tariffs for 696 routes, of which 104 will not change.

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