Free Deposit of Golfito offer best prices on ‘black Friday’

The Duty Free of Golfito, is preparing for “black Friday” to attract more visitors with discount prices of 34 food items.

“Our prices are always low because the burden of taxes is much lower (18%). At these prices, discounts will apply during this ‘black Friday’ which has diffused in the country, “said the executive director of Free Deposit, Ignacio Carrillo Perez.

In the United States, “black Friday” or “black friday” is made the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

During the “black Friday”, American stores, making great deals in their articles and inaugurate officially the holiday shopping season.

For about five years, Costa Rican establishments made this practice, which now seeks to follow the Free Deposit of Golfito.

This year, the “black Friday” will be performed on November 23, but the merchants of the Golfito, will offer discounts on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November.

“Our clients come on the weekends, so we are planning to offer special discounts throughout the weekend,” said Carrillo.

The goal of marketers is to attract more than 30,000 shoppers during November, especially with this weekend discounts.

This number of consumers usually recorded in December alone, for example, buyers in September, November and December 2011, totaled 14,904, 23,361 and 32,267, respectively.

At present, the organization Free Deposit address strategy and advertising promotion with discounts Dealers Association of Free Deposit of Golfito.

“We have two months for the activity, at this time, we are analyzing the products to be special discount appliances and electronics we offer in the deposit,” said Sergio Fernandez, director of the association.

To make acquisitions, applicants must register 24 hours before making a purchase, presenting your card.

In free deposit, we will deliver a card entitled to $ 1,000 of purchases over the next six months, in fact, can only handle cards twice a year.