Franklin Chang A Costa Rican Astronaut To Be In Hall of Fame

This Saturday, Costa Rica will live a golden chapter in its history.

From 1p.m.,Costa Rican astronaut and physicist, Franklin Chang will enter the Hall of Fame for Astronauts in the United States. In this room, gather about 80 men and women who were instrumental in the history of the space race of that country.

Among those chosen for the tribute are, Alan Shepard, the first American in space, John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on the moon.

The Costa Rican Franklin Chang said: “I receive this award with great humility and pride that I am going to be next to people who were my inspiration.”

His brother Ronald Chang said, “Franklin does not know the room and has high expectations. Something that is very excited to share a place in history with their heroes. ”

Many relatives of the astronauts are already in the U.S.A. to celebrate this honor.

As part of the ceremony they are expected to discuss various figures of the space agency NASA, as the director, Charles Bolden, and other scientists.

Franklin Chang and two other astronauts will enter this room.

Kevin Chilton, Air Force engineer, whom Chang said he knew for many years. Chilton, who flew on three space shuttle missions, who has received numerous awards for his work, both militarily and in the space field.

Also to be honored is Joseph Charles Precourt. Chang and Joseph flew together on STS-91, which led to the missing Russian Mir space station in 1998.

Chang is honored for being the first Latino astronaut to have flown into space on a U.S. mission, one of the longest times humans have spent on it -66 days 18 hours and 16 minutes, and share the record for seven trips by ferry along with Jerry Lynn Ross.

Also for his current work in developing Ad Astra, with a group of professionals-plasma engine, a technology that could have great benefits for space exploration in the future would allow for faster travel to Mars, the orbit correction International space Station at a lower cost than the current or removing space garbage that threatens satellites.

The hall of fame astronauts existed since the 1990s. The committee is made up of retired officers income of NASA flight controllers, historians, journalists and other authorities in the realm of space.

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