Francklin Chang warns that Costa Ricans care less about state of the country

For the Costa Rican scientist Franklin Chang, there is only one responsible for the situation in the country: all Costa Ricans.

Without noting the current government, as the only responsible for changes, Chang insisted that citizens can not expect solutions.

“People are pretty tired of the situation and quite frustrated, all Ticos have gradually been neglecting the country for many years, is something that is happening consistently for a long time,” Chang said yesterday before a station 90.7 DNA questions about the recent marches and protests.

“We come face to face with a rather run country, not the fault of anyone in particular, it is the fault of all of us, and we are seeing how we can get out of that hole that where we are,” said the astronaut.

Reporters interviewed Chang on the fourth edition of the Race from Earth to space, that is performing this Saturday in Liberia.

Then answered a final question about the protests of carriers, educators and insured, among other manifestations.

He said that we should not expect the government to solve everything. “We have to get up, but collectively, and not expect the government solve everything, because the government really us, the Ticos. We are the shareholders of the company Costa Rica S. A. “he said.

In 2005, Chang directed the Commission of Notables convened by Abel Pacheco to assess the suitability of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.