Former Finance Minister Under Investigation For Tax Evasion

Former Finance Minister Fernando Herrero will be subject to investigation by the Directorate General of Taxation for not paying income tax. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Francisco Villalobos.

As reported in the daily La Nacion Herrero owes 50 million colones in income taxes for a company called “processes, research and consultancy CA

The publication explains that the omission of tax corresponds to the period 2009-2010.

According to research, the wife of former minister, Flor Isabel Rodriguez, also appears as the owner of this company. According to Herrero, he transferred his shares to his wife in 2006.

Days ago it was revealed that Herrero had avoided taxes and sub-evaluated some of his properties, including a house that he rented to the security forces.

For the syndicate of ANEP, if the minister of finance did not pay taxes, the government has no moral right to continue insisting on the fiscal plan.

Yesterday Fernando Herrero and his wife Flor Isabel quit after questions for not paying council tax and rent.

For now do not know if the president could remove the tax plan. The president will return to the country tonight, after a working tour in the U.S.

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