Foreigners Get Status Card As Of July 1

This is a smart card with a band that has a number of micro-readable text and bar-codewhich consists of 12 digits, each number is given according to the foreign country of origin, immigration status and identification assigned by the system for authorities to retrieve.

This was confirmed Kattia Rodríguez, Director of Immigration

With this new tool, the authorities intend to strengthen the fight against organized crime and strengthen immigration documentary in the country.

Kattia Rodríguez, Director of Migration in Costa Rica explained that prevailed for many years a weakness with the criteria for standardization of foreigners, so that since 2008 was established the identity card for those who already regularized their status.

The foreigners who made ​​immigration procedures prior to that year, should go to the entity to apply for DIMEX. Rodriguez added that the smart card, not only provide a better understanding of foreign bank customers living in the country, but also gives them the peace and security.

For its part, the Director of Finance Central Bank, Carlos Melegatti mentioned that since 2005 were given the task of identifying certain operations, for details on the origin and destination of funds. However, the task was not easy because foreigners did not, at that time, with unique identification numbers, like Costa Ricans.

Melegatti concluded that in this way know the detail of each of the transfers or transactions that pass through the payments system, which amounts to a thousand daily fee of $ 500 million

Meanwhile the drug commissioner, Mauricio Boraschi, said that through DIMEX, will bring a major fight against money laundering.

He also recalled that some time ago began to materialize legislative changes to strengthen the laws against terrorism and the law against organized crime, and modified the law on psychotropic drugs and led to improvements in the fight against money laundering

Another project that is promoted, is the digital signature and certificate for entry to various websites for any transaction

All those people who made ​​immigration procedures before 2008, must submit to the Immigration Department to make the necessary formalities to obtain a unique number to be called DIMEX.

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