For political disagreement officials stop the new law on transplants

Patients who are waiting for an organ to save their lives could have  better attention if the MPs and health ministry officials reach an agreement to vote early in the new transplant law.

Meanwhile, legislators and experts from the Ministry of Health and Social Security Fund (CCSS) reach an agreement, patients must wait for their transplant with the current rules.

The proposal for a new law that will bring order to the donation and transplantation system needs a replacement text that is currently on the desks of the health authorities.

“The bill is ready to be discussed with the authorities of the CCSS and the office from the Ministry of Health. To issue the respective criteria of the Social Affairs Committee of the Assembly, “said Marvin Aguero, transplant coordinator of the CCSS.

Meanwhile, in the Legislative Assembly deputies expect technical opinions to continue the discussion of the project, which has the record 18,246 who presented the deputy Accessibility Without Exclusion Party (PASE), Rita Chaves.

The president of the Commission, Elibeth Venegas, says the project is the main priority in the forum and said she will given a preferential procedure, after the end of the consultation with the CCSS and the Ministry of Health.

“It is important to know that the project is very involved, between CCSS and the Ministry of Health to approve the plan,” said the deputy Chaves.

While they try to approve the plan, the authorities recognize that tansplantes system, is very badly organized, and patients who are awaiting for a surgery are suffering for the consequences

During the wait for the new national policy, in the Social Security Fund are working to integrate interested groups in the issue, for better management before and after transplantation, Aguero said.

“We have programs in coordination with civil society to include them through the bill in the national transplant commision, I think it makes sense We’re considering as an important event in the CCSS programs, “said Marvin Aguero

The project would update the legislation because the country applies the legal framework of 1994 is not satisfied and fulfilled although no longer meets international standards in the field.

This law states that all Costa Ricans are an organ donor after death, if not express otherwise.