Football Fans Wreak Havoc

Costa Rica Fans

The famous “barras” that are fans of sports teams in the country, such as Saprissa and Liga Deportiva Alajuelense Herrediano Club sport, can cause problems and even crimes in some shops.

Supermencado owners, bars and liquor stores are terrified with this group of young people.

They scare business customers not only for their tattoos and weird clothing and long hair but these fans come to harass and steal from establishments  using fake banknotes and credit cards.

For example on Sunday January 29, Alajuelense visited Tarrazú to face the team of Orion FC It was three hours before the game began when a group of 30 people entered the Pali San Marcos de Tarrazu. They entered the area of where the liquor was and stole Ron Centenario bottles and beer cans.

In Ciudad Quesada, on 16 October last year there was a game – Alajuela against Los Toros. An employee of small supermarket Granado said, “One member of that group brought a squirrel and killed in front of employees. Minutes after I went to one of the freezers and there was the squirrel split in two. There was blood everywhere inside of the freezer. We had ice cream and custard inside.”

The Super Administrator, Lilian Pichardo said that they lost 500 dollars in merchandise. The group of fans stole liquor, beers and soft drinks.

It is very difficult to control such people when it is a very large group and split in two. A group in accordance stealing and the other remains outside taking things stolen and probably watching for the police.

When police arrived, the fans were gone. Probably for the next time when the teams Alajuela, Saprissa and Heredia visit, we will close the store. So we will have more losses and avoid these kinds of people that hurt employees or customers.

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