Florida bought brewery in U.S.A. for $388 million

Florida Ice and Farm Co. S. A. announced an agreement to purchase, for $ 388 million, the U.S. brewer Holdings North American Breweries (NAB) and its subsidiaries.

NAB is considered the largest independent brewer in the U.S. and is owned by KPS Capital Partners.

The company has ten families of brands in all major segments of beer U.S., Florida said in a statement. It was further distributor brand Imperial that reaches 24 states.

It has four factories in New York, Oregon, California and Vermont. The head office of the firm is in Rochester, New York, and currently has more than 1,200 employees.

The acquisition was made through the Cervecería Costa Rica S. A. (CCR), a subsidiary of Florida, and only depends on the reporting requirements of competition and will be reviewed by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

CCR currently has over 2,000 products between beers, wines, spirits, bottled water, juices, nectars, teas, soft drinks, energy drinks, milk, beans, canned tomato sauce and baked goods.

By email, Florida said that the acquisition of NAB responds to a strategy of market diversification. He added that they will focus efforts on using the growth potential identified in the United States.

Gisela Sánchez, Director of Corporate Relations Florida Ice and Farm Co., said they will bring to Costa Rica’s portfolio of NAB, especially craft beers, which are very popular in the market.

In that portfolio, in addition to Imperial, another imported beer is included, the Labatt (leader in Canada), craft beers (Magic Hat, Pyramid, Dundee, Mac Tarnahan’s and Buffalo Bill’s Brewery), authentic American beers (Genesee and Honey Brown) and flavored malt beverages under the brand Seagram’s Escapes, Florida explained.