Florida Beverage Company asks government to investigate low-priced beer

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Florida Beverage Company requested the Directorate General of Taxation that investigates a growing import beers at very low prices.

The complaint was based on the alleged irregular payment of taxes, said Director of Corporate Relations at Florida Ice and Farm Co., Gisela Sanchez.

The Ministry of Finance, which belongs Taxation, confirmed the report and said the Tax Audit Directorate for reviewing profit margins for monitoring importers, wholesalers and retailers.

Treasury said the Directorate General of Customs, another of its agencies, reviewed the level of import prices and recommended to the interested redirect the complaint to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) by the issue of alleged dumping and unfair competition.

Until yesterday did not had the MEIC, a complaint case.

Cynthia Zapata, director of the Office of Consumer Protection, said in a dumping case must be reviewed both the prices of products imported and locally made, to determine where it, if there is-distortion.

A case of unfair competition, he said, involves imports by companies established, as has been reported in liquor.

The figures show a significant increase in the entry of beer. In 2008, the country imported that product valued at $ 5.9 million. Fell to $ 3.9 million the following year with the impact of the economic crisis, but last year amounted to $ 6.9 million.

Between January and April this year (latest available data), imports of malt beer and went for $ 2.65 million, according to the website of the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer), with Central Bank data.

Sanchez described as good competition in the market. “We see with good eyes, he said, is important new brands and the consumer has variety to choose.”

“The problem, he said is that some of these brands are entering without proper payment of taxes, there are prices that are too low they actually do not even cover the materials in order to produce a much less import beer from afar.”

This company produces here, trademarks Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria, Rock Ice, Kaiser, Heineken _ Bremen. Also distributed in the local market _ Gallo and Toña.

Sanchez recalled that domestic beer is already with great success in many foreign markets, including Australia _ China.

In purchasing the Pampa Group, one of the distributors of spirits, they said the problem with imports is very large, but are not able to obtain data.

Alberto Guardia, chief financial officer of Distribuidora La Isleña, also found that nearly 20% drop in the price of the dollar is reflected in the final price of the beers in Costa Rica.