Florida Bebidas decreased half their water consumption

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After taking a series of measures to reduce water consumption generated by their production, Bebidas Florida bebidas was able to reduce by nearly half its water footprint compared to 2005.

In other words, if in the 2005 needed 1128 liters of water to produce one liter of beer or soda, in 2012 it took only 547 liters. This is equivalent to a saving of 48% per liter of product.

Deputy Minister Maria Guzman took the opportunity to invite other companies to join in the effort, since, according to the State of the XVIII Nation in the country is 31.2% using more water than the land can generate.

In the case of Florida Bebidas, to measure, they used the methodology called Global Water Footprint Standard organization Water Footprint Network.

In this regard, the company water footprint was calculated at 23.8 million hectoliters including water own product (18%), the one is used in the production process (80%)-extending from the arrival of raw materials to the plant until the container is on the shelf, and poured (2%).

After measurement realized that the highest water footprint comes from the production of beer with 40%, followed by juices and nectars by 24%.

From that moment, and according to Gisela Sanchez of Florida bebidas Bebidas, made a number of adjustments in the operation. One was to reuse the water in the process, for example, the ground glass 76% reuse water.

They also made improvements to treatment plants both Costa Rica and Guatemala to restore water quality to ecosystem.

In total, since 2009, the company managed to save 96.4 million hectoliters of water (the equivalent of 3856 Olympic swimming pools) and yet, achieved growth of 11.4%. “We are producing more with less water,” said Sanchez.