Flooding in the Talamanca District Affected 55 Homes

An initial evaluation of the Municipality of Talamanca found that, at least 55 homes were in various problems (five unusable) due to flooding that occurred this weekend in canton south of Limon.

Melvin Cordero Cordero, mayor of Talamanca, said that still, there are 15 isolated communities and which they are located mostly in the indigenous zone of the Alta Talamanca.

The mayor added that the problems are due to landslides or destruction of sewers. “We are working with machinery to rehabilitate the steps at the earliest. That is our priority. ”

Cordero mentioned that a preliminary damage assessment determined that there are 200 hectares of banana plantations that were damaged and are enabling access to these farms because the production not to be missed.

Talamanca is the second largest canton in the country and has a population of 25,000, which depend on banana production. Others work on banana farms.

To enter Bribri, which is the seat of the canton, we must use an alternate route because there are four landslides in the area of Filuno, one kilometer from the center.

Leyla Garcia Mercado, 63, a resident of this place, said the landslides occurred on Saturday night when it rained intensely.

Garcia said the mud, destroyed a wall in your home. “We started to go out, just we saw that the water of the creek came very dirty. Thank God we left on time, because a second later everything was destroyed, “she added.

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