Fishing Boat Finds Body of American Indian

A fishing boat was found with the body of an American Indian, Ravid Chackurdeen, 19, who disappeared on Sunday in Playa Tortuga, Osa, South Pacific.

Gilberto Dondi of the National Red Cross operations confirmed that the events occurred in the morning.

According to the fishing boat captain, Luis Jimenez, the body floated nine miles(16.5 kilometers) southwest of the beach where the boy disappeared.

The captain coordinated the rescue with the National Guard and Red Cross who took the body and transferred him to Piñuelas beach, about eight miles southwest of Tortuga.

Chackurdeen had arrived in the country 20 days ago as part of the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), along with 17 other students.

The group had planned to enjoy their last days in Costa Rica on the beaches of the Osa and return on Monday to the United States.

According to the Red Cross the young man drowned trying to save a classmate of the group who was in danger.

Chackurdeen parents entered the country on Monday morning to participate in the search.

The young man’s body was lifted by order of the Osa OIJ.

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