Figueres said: “I never had communication, never had a contract, never worked for Alcatel.”

For over two hours, the president José María Figueres responded to questions from Members of the Supervisory Board of Revenue and Expenditures. Figuere ssaid that if in 2004 the public ministry had called him, he would take the first plane to come back to Costa Rica.

the relationship with Alcatel and Roberto Hidalgo, Figueres said it was not necessary that there are written contracts between two people who are known for over 20years. But the president of the committee questioned him to Figueres, based on 35 years of experience in international consulting, all business classes require a contract.

“I never had communication, I never had the contract, I never worked for Alcatel,”Figueres said emphasizing that his work has always been with the company HF Development. He decided to return home at this time because the mood is calm and well had he said it was the right time to return home.

Also, he said, he never contacted any ICE employee to lobby for or against any decision.

During the question period legislators commented that what creates doubt, the way it conducted the procurement of consultancy.

The Party deputy Accessibility without Exclusion (PASE) Victor Emilio Granados made a series of questions that came from many of his followers through social networks, one related to the December tamale.

Figueres said: “I liked the tamales I earned a few pounds.”

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