Female Police Officer Sentenced to 20 Years For Murdering Husband

A penitentiary police officer will spend 20 years behind bars for killing her husband to collect on a policy of 18 million colones.

The accused is a former policeman named Mora of 50 years of age. She was arrested on suspicion of murder of Julius Caesar Rodriguez Leal, a year ago in the neighborhood Matabuey of Nicoya.

She teamed with her lover, German Rodriguez ,32 years old, to kill her husband and thus collect the policy.

She spoke with Telenotias before authorities uncovered her macabre plan. “I did not kill my husband and I did not send anyone to kill him – he was the person that I supported he was the father of my children,” she said during the interview on that show.

The victim worked as a security guard at St. Ambrose school of Nicoya. In one month the couple were going to celebrate 15 years of marriage.