Farmer Recalls “Living Nightmare”

In the Los Chiles, Alajuela. two months after being assaulted in a house where he was with his family, a farmer, Rónald Soto Quesada, still suffers from nightmares and takes medication for nerves.

The farmer narrated: “It’s like a movie that is not deleted. In my memory, return in the gory scenes of nasty things that I suffered that day. The moment the thieves came into the house armed. When I knelt down and one of them put the barrel of a gun to my head. When they had my aunt, her daughter and a son when they were muzzled. ”

The worst was yet  to come.

In the house there was not much of value, but the criminals asked for money and threatened to kill them.

“They said they would kill us if we do not tell them where we kept money that we had . That was terrible,” said the victim very affected by this bad memory.

After several tense minutes , asking that they not kill us, the robbers searched the house and took the more valuable items: cell phones, some jewelry, appliances and some money. They also escaped with a family vehicle.

“I find nothing to make me forget that. It’s like a real movie that keeps repeating in my head.” said Quesada.

Quesada revealed that sometimes swallowing calming to try to forget, but when the effects pass, the nightmare returns inevitably to his head.

“We must live such a serious situation like that, to explain what suffers the consequences,” he added.

Quesada is convinced that the thieves could have killed him. “I thought they would execute me. He placed the gun in the right temple.” he recalled.

His life changed dramatically. After that assault, Quesada does not feel safe and fears for the safety of his family. “It’s like a movie that is not deleted. The worst is that I was helpless, and I could not do anything to avoid it.” he exclaimed.

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