Experts Stress Importance of Getting Vaccinated Against Flu


Experts stress the importance of getting vaccinated against pneumococcus, which causes diseases such as meningitis and pneumonia.

Children under 2 years and older are the main victims of this bacterium.

Pneumococcus kills white blood cells, allowing bacteria to adhere to the airways.

This could cause severe infections such as meningitis, pneumonia and influenza virus type A.

“When the child gets the flu or influenza virus, defenses are too low to have to keep out the pneumococcus.” said Gail Rodgers, an expert on vaccines.

That’s why experts insist on the importance of older adults and children over the age of two are vaccinated against pneumococcus.

Note that secondary bacterial infection, which occurs because of another disease, is a major cause of problems that could lead to death.

Remember the Social Security Fund distributes the pneumococcal vaccine throughout the entire country.

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