Expert says Japan radiation will not reach Costa Rica

A current report on Channel 6 news mentioned that Costa Rica is threatened by the radioactive cloud in Japan.

Nonetheless, the nuclear wreckage affecting Japan has little chances of affecting the nation, stated a member of the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEA). Most of radioactivity clouds would disperse in the Pacific Ocean.

The Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is enduring vital harm in 4 of its reactor, causing severe radioactivity leaks, while the Tokyo Electric Power Organization nevertheless tries to cool them off by injecting the reactors with seawater. The plant failure occurred as a result of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the Asian island final Friday.

“The leaks in the Japanese plant may well actually increase the world’s radioactivity levels, but not as much as to grow to be a public wellness concern,” stated Carlos Madrigal, a member of the CNEA. “Only if things go out of control, could we fear radioactive pollutions reaching us, but I don’t assume that will be the situation considering that Japanese nuclear engineers rank among very best in the world”.

Constant monitoring of radioactivity in Central America requires place in Mexico, exactly where a specialized lab belonging to the International Atomic Power Agency wires reports to the Well being Ministry in Costa Rica.

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