Ex-MPs Denounce Chinchilla in the Plenary Court Concerning the Riteve Contract For Renewal

Former deputies Celimo Guido and José Miguel Corrales denounced in the Supreme Court of Justice to the President of the Republic Laura Chinchilla for the way they renewed the contract of the firm of Riteve SyC.

At the discretion of the complainantsthe Executive Power did not require contractual requirements to the company that reviews the status of vehicles to expand its operations in the country.

The president was accused for the alleged crimes of malfeasance, dereliction of duty and Personal encouragement.

According to the complaint, the government authorities should promote the greatest possible number of service providers technical review vehicle, but not the the Executive Branch did not publish the bidding of the service.

The complaint states that this was done to further the interests of Riteve S & C.

The Citizen Action Party deputy, Claudio Monge supported management this afternoon.

Also listed as defendants in the Plenary Court the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Luis Llach Lamb, the deputy minister of land transport and road safety, Rodrigo Rivera Fournier.

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