Everest Is Proving Challenging For Warner Rojas The Costa Rican Climber


Avalanches and rock falls threaten the dream of the compatriot Warner Rojas who is about to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

The Costa Rican team could not pass the “Camp 3” on the day they had planned, because the original route that was prepared is very dangerous. The situation was complicated and the leaders of all expeditions must meet to make decisions.

They finally found another access to the “Camp 3”, the next step is for the wall of Lhotse. They hope to reach 7,300 meters, then return to Camp 2 and then to base camp.

We await the latest news and expect to hear improved weather forecasts. The problem is now to establish the way to the fourth and final camp area as apparently there are falling stones – more than usual.

The wind was forecast to decrease in most of the following days and will be below 55 kilometers per hour, which will allow the “sherpas” of several expeditions to prepare the way up to 7,900 meters above sea level.

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