Electoral promise never arrived for a family in Pavas

Pueblo Nuevo de Pavas, April 10, 2006. The former president Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica with his bodyguards came to the house of Lydia Fernandez Mendez.

The president was received in a very humble house with zinc tin walls and cement floors unpolished. Also there was Juan Ramon, a senior with cerebral paralysis and Maribel, a woman with mental problems and dwarfism. Both lived together with Mrs. Lydia, 77 years old who also takes cares of them.

At that time, the former president made a commitment with that family to help her with her dream of home ownership. To seal the promise, he was accompanied by Fernando Zumbado – future Minister of Housing.

Since then 2,295 days have passed, the equivalent of six years, three months and 12 days and no house.

Zumbado resigned because of a problem for Taiwan funds to fight poverty and Arias ended his presidency.

Three experts have been Minister of Housing, three in the management of the Housing Mortgage Bank (Banhvi) who’ve delivered 65,283 grants to other needy people for homes in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lydia, Juan Ramon and Maribel are still waiting for a home.

The Banhvi explained that there is no file for Lidia Fernández or her epileptic daughter, Edith Prado, who also lives in the humble home in Pavas.

They survive on the pension from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund that Maribel Fernandez and Juan Ramon Prado receive and a subsidy from the Joint Social Assistance Institute (IMAS), between ¢ 50,000 and ¢ 60,000 per month.

With every pension of ¢ 70,000 they buy diapers and milk for Maribel and Juan Ramon and the rest to pay for basic services. Six months ago they cut the phone.

The only additional support is provided by a son of Edith, Freddy Araya, who works in construction.

The house where they live is in the name of Roberto Prado (husband of Mrs. Lydia), who won title to the property 40 years to live there.

Edith Prado said she had given “many years” papers about the health of her sister Maribel (54 years old) and his uncle Juan Ramon (68 years old) and family income in the seat of Banhvi in Montes de Oca.

Since 2006, Edith has a card as a member of the Association of Specific Community Development for Housing Las Pavas (Asovipa), which has legal certificate, but not properties or phone in her name.

In addition, she goes to the Asovipa meetings, performed every first Friday of the month, and contributes to ¢ 2,000 per meeting, although they do not give her bills.

Rosa Delgado Saborío, Asovipa leader, admitted that only take control of people who give money, and struggling to land donated by the Board of Social Protection.

The new manager Banhvi, Manuel Parraga, confirmed that the area is not developing any project of interest.

Mrs. Lidia not find words to tell how they have lived in recent years. No claims: “I have suffered like an animal, but I offer it all to God”

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