costa rica earthquake

Puriscal, a community just outside San Jose in the mountains to the west, was the epicenter of a 5.9 earthquake today. The quake was sizable and shook up and down rather than a rolling side to side motion.

Today’s earthquake was felt throughout the entire country with news stations repeatedly showing video after video of footage of the quake.

Supermarkets had products strewn about and tossed many items to the floor making the aisles of many supermarkets, a mess of broken goods.

The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismolóigo de Costa Rica (Oviscori) reports that the epicentre was precisely 6km north of Puriscal.

The location reported by the Ovsicori is latitude: 9.8956 longitude: -84.3329 with a depth of 65 kilometres.

Puriscal is located west of San José, south of Orotina.

Reports from the area of the epicentre tell of people being nervous and concerned with flashbacks of the devastation of the Cinchona earthquake in January 2009.

Ah hour after the quake, electricity is still out in area of Alajuela and the cell phone networks continue to go on and off.costa rica news

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  • editor

    There are reports of cracked roads in Alajuela and some are saying that there was one casualty during the quake however this has yet to be verified. Keep an eye here for updates.

    PS: at the time of the quake I was in Dominical just walking in to Tortilla Flats and never felt a thing. However the women I was with, who were waiting inside for me, they felt it and started to receive calls from family and friends in Perez Zeledon.

  • Debora Edholm

    We felt it here in Uvita and it shook for about ten seconds. All is okay. Just shook us up a bit and the power flickered.