Earth Summit To Be Held In Rio, Brazil

Costa Rica is ready to attend the Earth Summit in Rio +20, which will be conducted in Brazil in June, where will be the Environment Minister Rene Castro and President Laura Chinchilla.

The authorities take two concrete proposals to be presented to countries attending the event.

The first is the implementation of “payment for environmental services” in different countries, in order to regenerate forests, because this model has been achieved over 52% forest cover.

The Head of Environment René Castro explained that the second proposal relates to the problem faced by the most vulnerable to climate change, such as islands.

Castro added that take the issue to the national situation with the people in coastal areas.

One of the main themes at Rio +20 will define whether the green economy model is sufficient to mitigate the impact of global poverty.

MINAET performs various forums for consultation on the proposals will leadCosta Rica, on Monday held a discussion with young people where concerns were raised by the increase in ocean levels and the lack of coherence between environmental policies and projects urban expansion.

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