Drunk Driver Kills Pregnant Woman by Landing on Her House

A drunk driver crashed against a house where inside there was a sleeping pregnant woman –  her baby would have been born this week.

The driver, a drunk man who left minutes before, a popular bar in the area of Puriscal Salitral and the effect of the drinks forced him to lose control of the wheel and finally crashing into the humble home.

The victim was identified as Magaly Delgado Mora 24 years of age, and soon would have been born her second child.

It was a night of terror. The couple and their five year old daughter were asleep when the tragedy happened.

There was no time for anything, the car brought down the roof and walls of the house, crushing the bed, where she was, killing her instantly. While a miracle happened and ​​the father and daughter survived the tragedy.
The neighbors say, that the driver, identified as Alberto Cespedes Mena was having a few beers with his wife at the Bar La Parada.

50 meters after leaving, the man lost control of the vehicle, jumped a culvert and flew on top of the house. He fell on the second floor of a humble wooden house, right on the bed where the family was sleeping.

The house was completely destroyed and the car fell exactly on the bed where the woman was sleeping. The neighbors were helping the 6 people who lived in the house, but unfortunately the woman died immediately.

Immediately, a unit of the security forces arrived and arrested the driver of 24 years old,who was a neighbor of the community – as confirmed by the area police chief, Fernando Solis, who said the man had an alcohol level of 124grams in his blood.

But unfortunately the families are very angry because, as is often the case, the criminal was released and simply placed on precautionary measures – as reported by the prosecution yesterday afternoon. The conditions include an address set out in the cantons of Puriscal; sign each month at the First Judicial Circuit of San José, prohibition to leave the country, do not disturb or interfere with witnesses, not to drive any vehicle(license will be seized, not drinking.

The accused has no criminal record.

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