Drug Ring Busted in Cartago

Four women were leaders of a drug ring that controlled the sale of crack and marijuana in Three Rivers and Concepcion areas in the province of Cartago.

Agents of the Drug Control Police (PCD) were watching the woman for several weeks and this morning the executed search warrants.

During the operation they found 227 doses of marijuana, 250 doses of crack and ¢425 000 colones, a product of the illegal business, authorities said.

The PCD has suspicions of three men who worked for them in the distribution of drugs.

The surnames of the women arrested are; Acuña 55 years of age; ,Rojas (23 years), Solis (39 years) and a 17 year old teenager.

The men surnamed, Miranda (27 years), Round (40 years) and Rodriguez (19 years).

All of them are on the order of the court in Cartago.

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