Drought worries farmers in Guanacaste

Small and medium farmers in Guanacaste ensure that the drought that has lasted for more than 2 months in the area, has caused serious losses to crops.

Plots of the Institute of Agrarian Development (IDA) located in Santa Cruz Talolinga as well as others with corn and rice mainly in Ortega and Santa Barbara in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, with total losses as discussed and their owners due to all this lack of water.

The drought already has 2 months left in the North Pacific lost to small and medium farmers. Most troubling is that besides the lack of water insect pests and rats begin to proliferate.

At least 20 settlers of Talolinga need urgent help from the authorities and that their losses also mean lack of support for their families.

In the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) indicated that in addition to losses in crops, are concerned about the status of livestock and the production of bales of hay, achieved precisely in the rainy months.

Therefore if at this time the phenomenon affects the child with such long droughts, the beginning of 2013 with the driest months even put a picture quite disturbing.

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