Donate Your Car To The Blind

Donate Your Car

You’re probably wondering why on Earth you’d want to donate your car to the blind — I’m not meaning that literally but rather pointing out how “trending” the subject of donating cars to charity is.

Costa Rica has a long list of reputable charities. A few of them include: WWF (World Wildlife Fund), The NatureKids Foundation, Organization of the United Nations Food And Agriculture and the Free Wheelchair Movement.

Donate Your CarOf course those are but a few of them however the point is…charity is a win/win for both sides whether receiving or providing.

With massive tax benefits, more and more North Americans are turning to charity for many reasons. In the US and Canada it is common to see people donating cars, donating furniture and even donating boats. Sure these items might seem like “big ticket” items however in the end it goes to a good cause and benefits the receiving foundation while the donator has the benefit of tax credits and further tax related advantages.

It is safe to assume that here in Costa Rica there is not likely to be many people donating their cars per se however like the old saying goes…”every little bit counts”.

John Scheman of the Costa Rica Charity, the Do It Foundation, who is responsible for providing over 9000 free wheelchairs to the less fortunate/mobile citizens. He has been actively involved in this community for a number of years and continues to this day to do his best at expanding the reach of his heart-felt organization that he started out of a need for financially challenged Costa Ricans to have the gift of mobility.

Charity comes in many forms – some donate time while others donate cars – the attraction for many to engage in helping out where they can is clear and much needed in today’s world.