Discounts and special offers arrive in stores for fiscal year end

With close proximity to the prosecutor, in September, the trade begins to accelerate the reduction of inventories and for that purpose, give special offers and discounts on their products.

Example of this is the hype from yesterday indicate shops and warehouses in the media.

With the words bargain, offer, rebate, discount and even the anglicized sale, businesses seek to eliminate their products in warehouse, and for this announce price cuts that reach to 70%.

Among the brands that already publish their offers, are Siman (clothes, shoes and furniture selected), Payless, Altea Design, KrikStore, Naf Naf, Ambiente Gourmet and Giordano. Chevrolet also, Q Group, offers discounts on 2012 models.

“It’s a good time to balance the year’s sales. It is also the time when new collections come, “said Diego Milanesi, sales manager Altea Design.

The decrease in the price offered in the store, when September comes. represents a reduction in sales revenue and has a tax effect: it reduces taxable income.