Discord Reaches The Table That Reviews The Salaries And The Order Of The Public Sector

public sector salaries

The disagreement from the syndicates will settle this Thursday with the optimism of the government to define a route towards the review of the salaries and ordering of the public sector.

Both sectors will come to a fragmented table that foresees discord between the expectations that both groups have.

The government proposes to put under a magnifying glass the inequality in the remunerations of the public sector, based on a draft of a law project that the syndicates reject completely.

Even though the syndical group has contemplated assisting to the meeting in the Work Ministry, outside of the building the signs will gather a group of teachers and public employees that oppose the restructuration of the public ordering that the government proposes.

“We will make a document of rejection towards the draft that the government states, and that will throw us the responsibility of the salary crisis on our salaries” Beatriz Ferreto, President of the Asociación de profesores de Segunda Enseñanza (APSE), manifested.

Towards the protest announcement, the Minister of Work, Olman Segura, indicated that “whoever marches is why they are misinformed or they have been lied”.

The minister manifested that the government proposal can’t affect the salaries, the incentives or the collective conventions, but regulates the disparities of the sector.

“What we are looking for is to enhance the conditions. The draft is necessary because we can’t argue to the air. If they got another proposal, I’m willing to put aside the draft and use it just as an input”.

According to what Albino Vargas commented, general secretary of the National Public Employees Association (ANEP), the best solution would be “start from scratch, not even considering that draft, because we don’t believe that lowering the salaries, we’ll solve the disparity”.

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