Device to Detect Cigarette Sales As a Whole

In other countries, progress with strong laws on smoking regulations has broughtthe black market of tabbaco. This is the case of Panama, who has a strong contraband of different brands, from Costa Rica and Colombia, which enter the country illegally and are sold at low prices without taxes.

To avoid this problem in Costa Rica, the government plans to use technology to detect the amount of tabaco that is traded in the country. Thus reduce the scope of smuggling.

According to President Laura Chinchilla, the idea is that when it enters into force the new smoking ban, and tabaco boxes of stickers come equipped with traceable. “This is a card with a bar code that allows, through a special optical scanners would be installed in shops, detect shipments of tabaco, selling packages, and get real time information of the behavior of trade . Thus, using this tracking, it becomes very difficult to establish an illegal trade in tabaco, “saidChinchilla.

The new smoking ban clears a new tax of ¢ 400 to the pack of cigarettes. It is speculated that this increase for the consumer, increase smuggling of lower-priced tabaco, and therefore the need for such measures.

Also, programs will be established with the Fiscal Control Police for better detection of smuggling, and thoroughly examine this issue.

According to Chinchilla, in this way may respond to the concerns of the tobacco industry who are concerned about the manner in which the new legislation could affect not only the increased cost of cigarettes, but for the prohibition of consumption in public places such as bus stops, bars and restaurants.