Deputies Want To Create A Separate Entity To Audit The State

The deputies of the Committee on Government and Administration want to create an entity by law to evaluate the policies, plans, programs and projects of public institutions.

The body should called SINE (National Evaluation System), already exists, to internal Ministry of Planning (Mideplan), but the parliamentarians want to give force of law.

The draft law has a case 17,711 and has a free hand to be discussed at the plenary session of the Legislature, after the Government and Administration Committee gave support to the opinion that they signed, Edgardo Araya of National Liberation (PLN), Manrique Oviedo, (PAC), and Justo Orozco of Costa Rican Renovation.

If the plan is approved, the SINE can manage contracts external evaluators to say, if state agencies are good or not.

Members who are outside the Commission of Government does not agree with the proposal to create another entity by law.

The chief of PLN, Fabio Molina, believes that he will not support the plan. A similar view exteriorized the head of the Libertarian Movement, Carlos Gongora.

The libertarian Adonay Enriquez doubt, but voted for the plan

The former Minister of Planning, Laura Alfaro Maykal, explained her refusal to legislators, on 15 February this year in the analysis made on the record.

“The evaluation processes are expensive, like time and financial and humanresources,” said the minister.

The chief tried, that the deputies desist from their proposal to point out the cost of evaluations, which can reach $ 1 million.

Members changed the text for a replacement, but the spirit is the same.

“Although it looks like something simple, will have impact and coherence in public administration,” said the deputy Araya.

In the discussion the deputy of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), Luis Fishman, expressed his negativity.

“Enough of creating more and more, institutions and possibilities for spending,” said Fishman.

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